(16 films)

"A Higher Calling" (Neal Michaelis/45 min.)
- English/Japanese subtitles -

Paragliding over the Himalayas! It's a "birds eye" journey. A 8000 meter mountain and visiting many villages fromthe sky. Many local people are amazed by the "bird-men" but welcome them.

"Into the Thunder Dragon" (Sean White/47 min. )
- English/Japanese subtitles-

Bhutan is often called the country "Thunder Dragon". It's still mysterious for many people. Two adventurers decide to enter the "Thunder Dragon" by unicycle!

"Farther than the Eye Can See"
(Michael Brown /75 min.)- English/Japanese subtitles -

A story about the world's fist blind man to climb Mt. Everest. Howe can he overcome the obstacles-vast glaciers, vertical walls, sharp ridges? Why is he climbing the highest mountain in the world?

"Trio For One" (Shay J. Katz/57min.) 
-French/ Japanese subtitles -

Climbing is the passion, vocation and profession of this young French alpinist. His ongoing mission is to complete a series of the world's 14 highest peaks, all without supplemental oxygen. A super alpinist's world.

"The Fatal Game" (James Heyward/52 min.)
- English /Japanese subtitles -

After much struggling, a NZ climber and his friend finally reach the summit of Mt. Everest, but the sun is ticking away and they face a“fatal tragedy.”A story about “death” and “rebirth”in the Himalayas.

"Indian Journeys: Shiva's Matted Locks"
(William Dalrymple/50 min.)- English/Japanese subtitles -

Kumbh Mela−the biggest festival India held every 12 years. Over 10 million people bathe in the sacred River Ganges. A British man sets off for the source of the river in the Himalayas.

"Meltdown" (Richard Heap/50 min. )
- English/Japanese subtitles -

Global warming threatens the Himalayas. Huge glaciers are melting, and many glacier lakes are appearing. Some of them have burst causing many people trouble. A UN team decides to investigate.

"Timber to Tibet" (Mohan Mainali/30 min.)
- English & Japanese subtitles -

Forest destruction is getting serious in an area people call "heaven". The local people used to respect the dense forests as "god's gift." However, their life-style has changed as they cut hundred-year-old trees for profits.

"On The Road with The Red God: MACHHENDRANATH"
( Kesang Tseten/75 min. ) - English / English & Japanese subtitles -

Every 12 years, impassioned devotees pull a 65 foot tall unwieldy chariot in the Kathmandu Valley. Its rider is an enigmatic god worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists, on a months-long journey proceeded by many ritual and animal sacrifices.

"Bhedako Oon Jasto….in search of song…”
(Kiran Krishna Shrestha/55 min.) - Nepalese/ English & Japanese subtitles -

A famous journalist heard a folk song in the Himalayas and never forgot it. He talked to his friend, a well-known musician, about the song. The were both fascinated and decided to set off for the Himalayas to record it.

"Daughters of Everest" (Sapana Sakya/56 min.)
- Nepalese/Japanese subtitles -

Himalayan Sherpas mainly make their living as mountain guides while their women support them at home. However, Sherpa women are also eager to climb their god mountain-Mt . Everest, and finally they got their chance.

"The Spirit Doesn't Come Anymore "
(Tsering Rhitar/40 min.) - English / Japanese subtitles -

Shamans play a important role in Tibetan daily life using their spiritual powers, they heal people and predict futures. In a sharman family, a father hopes to hand the tradition on to his son, but, the son refuses to live a modern easy life.

"A Man Called Nomad" (Alex Gabbay/40 min.)
- Tibetan/Japanese subtitles -

Tibetan nomads in China have been to keeping their traditional life style. But the recent rapid economic development has changed the local environments and forced them to change the way of life. How will they keep their identity as nomads?

"Call It Karma " (Geoff Browne/48 min.)
- English/Japanese subtitles -

A young Canadian man accidentally met a young Tibetan monk. The monk tells him about his incredible life story. The Canadian is fascinated and decide to visit the homeland.

"Schools in the Crossfire"(Dhurba Basnet/52 min.)
- English /Japanese subtitles -

Nepal has been in a civil conflict between Maoists and the government. Many innocent teachers and children have been killed and injured there. People's angst is deepen.

"Climbing Manaslu"(Gajiro Yamamoto/100 min.)
- Japanese only -

Mt. Manaslu (8163 m) means "Spirit Mountains" in Sanskrit. In 1956, a Japanese expedition was the first to scale it


Following directors will visit the festival:

*Kiran Krishna Shrestha (Nepal) :
"Bhedako Oon Jasto….in search of song…"
*Dhurba Basnet (Nepal)"Schools in the Crossfire"
*Geoff Browne (Canada)"Call it Karma"
(Their greetings at the site will be on Aug. 15.)