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Himalaya Film Festival Executive Committee
(NHK International/Himalaya Archief Nederland)

NHK (Japanese public broadcaster)

Ministry of the Environment; Indian Embassy; Pakistan Embassy;
The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan; Embassy of Nepal,
Tokyo;Japanese Alpine Club; Japanese Worker's Alpine Federation; 
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization; 
The Japan-Nepal Society; Mainichieigasha Co., Ltd.


Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.; Shibuya Television;
Aquarium Co., Ltd.

Himalaya Archief Nederland *1
NHK International
Aquarium Co., Ltd. (the planning) *2

Himalaya Film Festival Tokyo 2006 Executive Committee
Chairman: Junichi Nishizawa
(Chancellor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Vice-chairman: Glenn Mitrasing
(Leader of Himalaya Archief Nederland)
Keiichiro Yoshida (NHK International commissioner)
Executive Committee: Junko Tabei (Mountaineer)
Isamu Takano (Photographer)
Koji Akimoto (Shibuya Television CEO)
 Special Adviser Zenkichi Hirayama (Japan Mountain Club leader)
Yuichiro Miura (Mountaineer)
 Executive Director Kunihiko Tanaka
(Video journalist)
Deputy Director Hiroyuki Yamamoto
(NHK International)
Taizo Yoshihama (Shibuya Television)
Auditing Officer Akio Kunimi (Corporation controller)

*1 Himalaya Archief Nederland
Himalaya Archief Nederland is an Amsterdam-based organization, which established the festival. The Film Festival director is Glenn Mitrasing. He is a medical doctor who worked for 5 years as the general secretary of ICFON: International Council for Friends of Nepal, Netherlands.  Mitrasing translates and publishes books on the Himalayan region into the Dutch language.  For details on the Himalaya Film Festival in Amsterdam, please see the official website at

*2 Aquarium Co., Ltd.
Aquarium Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo-based video production company. The project leader for Aquarium is Kunihiko Tanaka. He is a video journalist as well as creative director. He has reported on Himalaya-related topics for many years. Tanaka's most recent production is about Tibetans in India. It was shown at the 2004 Himalaya Film Festival in Amsterdam
Tanaka's official site: